Learn to make Reasonable Eating Decisions from a Registered Dietitian, credentialed by Health Insurance Companies, at Reasonable Eating Decisions.

We’ve moved!  Our new location is in the heart of Franklin, 19 Dean Ave.  We’re located right next to the Franklin Post Office.  Our new space is much more personal and homey than the office building location we had previously.

Call now – 508-541-4520

We offer 1 on 1 education for any age (parents and their child, teens, adults and seniors).  In many cases, Health Insurance is accepted for Medical Nutritional Therapy and we can work with your insurance carrier directly.

We specialize in Excess Weight/ Obesity/ Pre-Diabetes/ Diabetes/ Underweight/ Failure to Thrive/ Allergies/ Eating Disorders/ Difficulty Swallowing/ Picky Eaters/ Food Aversions and more.  Whatever your goals, we can assist.

What can you expect?

An open heart and ear helping you work towards your goals, issues and concerns. We will discuss your (or your child’s) typical eating day through a food recall discussion. Basically, what eating decisions do you make during your week? From there, we’ll identify areas of concern that are inhibiting you from achieving your goals.

Why is it called Reasonable?

In part, because owner, Stacey Panagotopulos PhD, RD, LDN, kept hearing from her patients that she was Remarkably Reasonable.  The other part is that we don’t believe in fad or extreme diets; its just not Reasonable to think someone can eat like a caveman.  We teach people how to make good eating decisions without extreme measures.

Whatever your goals, we can assist.